Membership Plans

Why Pay-As-You-Sign™?

With our Pay-As-You-Sign plans, you pay for what you use. So whether you're conducting daily high-stakes signing transactions or simply require the occasional access to our secure signing technology, your cost is based on your business needs.

Drive revenue while enhancing security with a cost-effective signing solution capable of meeting your complete electronic signature requirements.

  • Pay per member per month
  • Pay per signing package (up to 15 documents per package)
  • Service and acquire new clients via remote video signing
  • Meet your legal and compliance requirements
  • Accurately pass on signing costs to end-clients, if required
  • Access full range of our best-in-class signing technology, every time you sign


Subscriptions and Billing


Do you charge any fees per member?

Our Pay-As-You-SignTM Plans only have a base membership fee and no per member fee. Select from the Business or Enterprise plans that best fit your needs.  


Do you offer a free trial?

You can sign up for a free trial of our Business or Enterprise plans.


What is a Signing Package?

A signing Package is a collection of documents that are sent out for signing with a chosen workflow. Each Package can have up to 15 documents with an unlimited number of signatures.


What are the iinked Sign e-Signature Package Workflow Options?

We have several options for you to select when you send out a Package for signing:

  • Sequential Signing: Send documents out to one or more signers allowing them to sign each document in sequence one after the other, in an order that you define.
  • Concurrent Signing: Send documents out to one or more signers allowing them to sign each document in any order.
  • Group Send: Bulk sends the same set of documents out to multiple signers for indovidual signings.
  • In Person: Sign documents in person with one or more signers during a live signing session.
  • Video Signing RoomTM: Sign documents online via our Video Signing Room with built-in web-conferencing and document screen-sharing where the video and screen share are recorded for audit trail purposes.


What are the Package limits?

There are no limits on the Pay-As-You-Sign plans. 


Do my clients have to download any additional software or apps?

All Syngrafii products are web-based, your signers simply have to click on a link on an Internet-enabled device.


Do you include any free video for the trial of the Video Signing Room (VSRTM)?

Yes, the trial of the Pay-As-You-Sign plans has some free inclusions for video, meeting and recording minutes included.


What is a streamed minute?

During a Video Signing Room session, multiple video & audio streams are established between attendees allowing everyone to see and talk to one another. An additional video stream is also established between the host and each attendee to share the document being signed. Meeting streaming minutes are the total number of streams multiplied by the duration of the meeting.


Number of Attendees


Meeting Duration

Total Streaming Minutes

















* Streams = (n + 1) x (n - 1) where n is the number of attendees.


How am I charged for a Video Signing Room Session?

In a Video Signing Room session, you will be charged, to the minute, for the exact usage of the meeting minutes, streaming minutes and recorded minutes (if the meeting is recorded). The examples in the pricing table show the maximum price of a session where a meeting is recorded, depending on how many attendees are in the meeting. As noted above, the number of streamed minutes consumed in a session increases with the number of attendees. You will be charged from the moment you Start the meeting from the Lobby until you End the meeting.


What is a Private Instance?

While our shared (multi-tenanted) sites give you the ability to add your own branding on standard plans, a Private Instance allows you to further white-label the Syngrafii solution as follows:

  • A new Instance is created for you in Syngrafii’s servers
  • Each Private Instance will have its own application in the server and its own database
  • A Private Instance can have custom branding and a customized email address from your own domain for sending notifications
  • A Private Instance will have its own URL i.e. your organization’s name is a part of the URL


The users in my organization need to have their own branding, how can I accomplish that?

Syngrafii’s Multi-Branding feature on our Enterprise Plan can accomplish this.


How do I access the API?

All Syngrafii plans include free access to the Syngrafii API. Please contact Syngrafii Sales for more information and the API Documentation.